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Daylight Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) Video Now Available

The summer months are the ideal time to schedule Daylight Photodynamic therapy (PDT) for the treatment of pre-cancerous skin lesions on the face and scalp (called Actinic keratosis) and we’ve made a video to show how straight forward the treatment is. You can watch Dr Martin Wade, Dermatologist at The London Skin and Daylight demonstrate the treatment here.

Daylight PDT is a much more comfortable and less painful treatment when compared to conventional PDT. Daylight PDT takes advantage of the reaction which occurs between daylight and the treatment cream (such as Metvix). The treatment cream is absorbed into the abnormal cells, and the sunlight creates a chemical reaction which results in destruction of the tumour cells, and leaves the surrounding healthy skin completely unharmed.

Daylight PDT can be used if you can stay outdoors comfortably for 2 continuous hours during the summer months. It can even be overcast, however it can not be raining. The London Skin and Hair Clinic is conveniently located in front of Lincoln Inn Fields which has a lovely outdoor café with outdoor seating. So we schedule the treatment so patients can enjoy two peaceful hours sitting in the park enjoying the sun while having their treatment.

A chemical (not physical) sunscreen is applied to the area being treated, to protect the skin from UV radiation. Surface crust is removed using exfoliating gloves and scalpel to ensure good penetration of the treatment cream. Fifteen minutes later the cream is applied. The patient then goes to the park to enjoy the sun for 2 hours, before returning to the clinic. The treatment cream is washed off and a protective sunscreen is applied before the patient leaves.

In addition to treating the actinic keratosis, daylight PDT also provides an excellent cosmetic result, as pigmentation is reduced, lines are minimised and the overall skin looks fresher and brighter. Typically this is a one off treatment although in general your Dermatologist will want to see you three months later for a review.

You can contact The London Skin and Hair Clinic to find out more information about daylight PDT.

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