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Alopecia UK Hair Loss PSP survey #hairmatters

Alopecia UK want people with alopecia (hair loss) to be at the centre of hair loss research planning. They are collaborating with leading organisations and clinicians to help people with alopecia influence the priorities for research into treatments for the condition.

What do you think researchers should be working on? Are you uncertain that some alopecia treatments are effective? Do you feel research into these treatments should be more carefully reviewed? If so, we’d like to hear from you and we will be distributing a survey on the subject soon.

The Hair Loss Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) is an initiative steered by leading UK clinicians & patients, Alopecia UK, the British Hair and Nail Society, and The James Lind Alliance.

They are asking everyone whose life is affected by hair loss and people involved in treating hair loss to think about what’s wrong with existing treatments and what improvements you’d like to see in research. This is an important opportunity to make your voice heard and your opinion count.

The James Lind Alliance are an integral part of the Hair loss PSP. They facilitate and provide an infrastructure to help patients and clinicians work together to prioritise research questions. They do this by asking patients and others to highlight their concerns and questions about treatments available and not yet available, as well as, gaps that you think research hasn’t answered.

Your questions are used to see if the answer exists and provides new questions to help ensure research funding hits what they agree needs answering. By taking part in this process, people with alopecia can actively participate and contribute to the next wave of exciting research projects within the UK.

More information is available at Alopecia UK. The survey is open until 31st October 2014.

AlopeciaUK survey 2014


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