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Improving the health of your skin in the home

Dermatologists at The London Skin and Hair Clinic, say that for some people making small changes in their household and interiors can have big results on the health of their skin. The Dermatologists recommend natural fibres such as cotton or silk for bedding as these keep the skin cool and don’t encourage sweating.

People who suffer from skin allergies can take steps with their interior design to improve the health of their skin. Dust mite exposure is a major cause of skin allergies in children and adults. Some smart steps to reduce exposure includes fully covering mattresses, pillows and duvets with an allergy protective cover, having a bed frame which is not too close to the floor, replacing all wall-to-wall carpets with wooden floors, vinyl or other hard coverings, avoiding cushions and bed throws on the bed as these all collect dust, and finally replacing curtains with plain roller blinds.

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