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Kleresca Acne Treatment is now available at The London Skin and Hair Clinic

Kleresca Acne Treatment a highly effective treatment for moderate to severe inflammatory acne, is now available at The London Skin and Hair Clinic. This breakthrough treatment is based on BioPhotonic technology and significantly and comfortably improves acne, with high safety and efficacy. Kleresca Acne Treatment offers multi action treatment for acne that addresses several factors responsible for causing acne but also reduces the signs of scarring. The treatment kills the bacteria responsible for acne, reduces inflammation, and reduces the signs of scarring and improves the appearance and texture of the skin.

Kleresca Acne Treatment is performed twice a week for six weeks. The treatment is comfortable and pleasant with high-efficacy and little to no downtime. The treatment involves application of the photoconverter gel and then illumination under a multi-LED Kleresca lamp for nine minutes.

Kleresca Acne treatment results have been shown to be long-lasting. In clinical trials, Kleresca demonstrated high efficacy especially on people with inflammatory moderate to severe acne. 90% of patients saw improvements of at least 1 IGA grade or more, more than 50% of patients saw ≥ 2 IGA grades improvement of their acne and 33% reached clear or almost clear skin.

Kleresca Acne treatment offers an effective treatment for patients who are not suitable for, or would prefer not to have treatment with oral isotretinoin (Roaccutane) or other strong oral or topical acne treatments. Kleresca Acne Treatment is suitable for patients suffering from moderate to sever acne, especially with inflammatory lesions. It can be applied to treat acne on the face, back or chest.

Kleresca Before and After Female 1

Case study showing results of a 21 year old female (photographs provided by Leo Pharmaceuticals)

You can find out more information about Kleresca Acne treatment on our website here.

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