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London Dermatologist Saves Baby’s Leg

Dermatologist Dr Jemima Mellerio of The London Skin and Hair Clinic has been credited with saving the leg of a baby girl in Singapore. Eve Sutton-Kirkby who was born in April last year was experiencing swelling of her foot and open sores on her ankle. Eve’s parents who are British expats, were told by Doctors in Singapore that the condition was a severe bone disease and she required amputation of the leg.

Her mother Eloise, suspected they were wrong and sent a mobile phone picture to a Dermatologist in London. Dr Jemima Mellerio, a Paediatric Dermatologist who specialises in genetic skin conditions, saw the photograph and diagnosed the treatable dermatology condition epidermolysis bullosa. The genetic condition affects one in 17,000 UK children and causes blisters, open wounds and sores. A gentle touch can result in peeling skin.

Eve’s father had a blood sample flown to Britain and tests confirmed Dr Jemima Mellerio’s smartphone photograph diagnosis.

Eve has subsequently travelled to London to have her leg treated with special dressings.

Dermatologist Dr Jemima Mellerio said “Because her condition is so rare, the doctors in Singapore simply didn’t recognise it as they had never seen anything like it before”

Eve still suffers blisters and sores but she is now receiving the appropriate treatment to manage the condition.


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